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       Title: Dede’s Buttermilk Bread
  Categories: Breads
       Yield: 1 servings
     7/8 c  Buttermilk or                       1 ts Salt
       3 tb Dry buttermilk powder and           1 tb Butter or margarine
     7/8 c  Water                               2 tb Honey
            (for Welbilt/Dak machines         1/4 ts Baking soda*
            Add 1 T more buttermilk)        1 1/2 ts Red Star active dry yeast
       2 c  Bread flour                    
   * Prodigy “research” has shown that if using powdered buttermilk we should
   omit the baking soda.
   Place all ingredients in bread pan, select Light Crust setting, and pres
   From Bread Machine Magic by Linda Rehberg and Lois Conway.