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       Title: Cheese Bread
  Categories: Breads, Bm, Restaurants
       Yield: 4 loaves
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   3 1/2 c  Bread flour, to 4c, divided
       2 T  Sugar
   1 1/2 t  Salt
       1 pk Active dry yeast
       1 c  Very warm water, 120-130 F
       2 T  Butter, melted
       1 c  Swiss cheese, shredded, 4 oz
     1/2 c  Parmesan
       1    Egg, lightly beaten
   Farmers Market, The Land, EPCOT
   In lg bowl, combine 2c flour with sugar, salt and
   yeast. Mix well. Gradually add water and butter; mix
   until a soft dough forms. Combine cheese in separate
   bowl and reserve 1/2c. Add remaining cheese mixture,
   egg and 1c flour to dough; mix again and turn out onto
   a floured board. Knead 8-10 mins and add as much of
   the remaining flour as dough will incorporate. Place
   in a lightly greased bowl, turning once to coat dough
   and let rest 20 mins. Knead again and divide into 4
   equal pieces. Let rest 15 mins; roll each piece into a
   rectangle. Roll dough, jelly roll style, sealing
   bottom seam; and place on a lightly greased baking
   sheet or in loaf pans. Allow dough to rise in a warm
   place 50 mins or until doubled. Cut a 1/4 deep slit
   in top of each loaf and sprinkle an equal amount of
   remaining cheese on each. Bake 375 F, 20-30 mins or
   until golden. Remove from pans immediately and brush
   with butter.