MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.02
  Categories: Breadmaker, Brunch
       Yield: 15 servings
       1 c  Water; boiling
   2 1/2 tb Margarine
   1 1/2 ts Salt
       3 tb Honey
       1 tb Molasses; dark; unsulphured
     1/2 c  Oats
       1    Egg; extra large; lightly be
       3 c  Bread flour
       2 ts Yeast; sprinkled over flour
   Insert pan in BM and close lid. Select “Basic White Bread” setting and
   medium baking degree setting. This is a very large loaf. On my
   Hitachi; it hit the top of the lid while rising but it baked just
   fine. I found; however, that I needed to use the “light” setting.