Cool down the hot cornmeal.  Add next 4 ingredients.
 Stir in some of the flour until kneading consistency
 is reached.  Knead in rest of the flour.  The original
 recipe used white flour.  I use half ww and half
 unbleached.  Depending on the flour available to you,
 the measurement of flour can change (lower).  I am
 assuming you are an experienced bread maker and will
 know by the feel when you are kneading it how much
 flour it will absorb.
 The finer the grind of flour, the better the result.
 And flour with a higher percentage of protein will
 make the lightest loaf.
 Makes 2 loaves.  I believe Pepperidge Farms markets
 this type of bread under the name Corn and Molasses
 Let rise double in bulk.  Form into two loaves, let
 rise a second time in pans until double in bulk.
 Bake at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes.  I usually
 reduce heat to 350 after first 20 minutes.