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                               FREEZING DOUGH
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   I make brown and serve rolls all the time just let rise and bake 20
   minutes at 250 DO NOT brown rolls let cool they will be slightly
   tacky on top take out of pan let cool compeletly on a rack they will
   keep up to 7 days in the fridge and 3 months in the freezer. wrap in
   foil put in plastic bag. to bake let thaw at room temp then bake for
   8 minutes at 350 till golden brown. This is a great way to make stuuf
   ahead when having Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other
   large dinner. I made cinnamon rolls the other day and just let the
   machine (DAK TurboII) do the manual cycle and when done I rolled them
   out and sliced them as usual and put them into 9 pie pans. I froze
   them without letting them rise any further. Before I went to bed one
   night I took a pan out of the freezer and put on the counter. When I
   got up the next morning I popped them in the oven. They were just as
   good as if I had done it the normal way. I would think dinner rolls
   would work the same if you had time to let them thaw. The other reply
   about making them into “brown and serve” rolls sounds good, too.
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