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       Title: HUNTER'S BUNS
  Categories: Appetizers, Desserts, Side dish
       Yield: 16 servings
            Cottage cheese and oil
            Pastry (1)
   2 1/2 oz Currants (washed and well
            FOR BRUSHING:
            A little tinned milk
   knead the currants into the pstry and form it into a
   roll. Divide into 16 equal sized pieces: form these
   into round bun shapes, lay on a greased baking sheet
   and brush with the milk. OVEN: moderately hot BAKING
   TIME: about 20 minutes
   alterantively, the buns may be filled with jam. To do
   this, flatten the buns slightly and place 1/2 tsp. jam
   in the center of each. Gather the edges together over
   the jam and press well together. Turn them over, with
   the round side to the top and lay on a greased baking