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                        No-Bake Pineapple Cheesecake
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                         ***FOR CRUST***
   12                    graham cracker squares
                         - -- (2 1/2", 16 for 10
                         -- plate)
      1/3  cup           grape nuts cereal
                         - -- (1/2 cup for 10
                         -- plate)
    2      tablespoons   granulated sugar
    1      tablespoon    hazelnut -- walnut or canola
    1      teaspoon      unsalted butter -- melted
                         -- (2 t for 10 place)
      1/2  large         egg white -- (1 tb for 10
    2      tablespoons   fruit juice or water -- or as
                         needed -- (1 tb for 10 plate)
                         ***FOR FILLING***
    1 1/4  cups          non-fat vanilla yogurt
    1      can           crushed pineapple
                         unsweetened or in light
                         syrup -- (20 oz)
      3/4  cup           non-fat cottage cheese
      3/4  cup           low-fat cream cheese -- at
                         room temperature
      3/4  cup           granulated sugar
    1      teaspoon      vanilla extract
    1 1/2  teaspoons     pineapple extract
    3      tablespoons   lemon juice
    3 1/2  teaspoons     unflavored gelatin
   To make crust: Position rack in center of oven, and   preheat oven to 350'F. 
 Crumble the graham crackers   into the bowl of a food processor and process unt
 il   crumbs form. Add the cereal, sugar, oil, butter, egg   white and 1 teaspoo
 n juice or water. Pulse until the   crumbs are evenly moistened. Pinch a spoonf
 ul of   crumbs together, and test whether they are moist   enough to hold the p
 rint of your finger. If necessary,   add a few more drops of juice or water and
  pulse once   or twice .   Turn the crumbs into an 8 springform pan or a 10 p
 ie   plate and use your hand or the back of a metal spoon   to press an even la
 yer around the sides of the pan.   Spread the remaining crumbs evenly over the 
 pan   bottom. Top with a piece of wax paper, and press to   form an even layer,
  taking care not to build up the   crumbs in the corner. Bake the shell for 7 m
 inutes.   Cool completely on a wire rack before filling. The   crust firms and 
 crisps as it cools. To make filling:   Plac!
 e the yogurt in a fine-mesh strainer set over a   bowl and set aside to drain f
 or at least 20 minutes.   Transfer to a small bowl, and discard the whey. Drain
    the crushed pineapple in a strainer set over a bowl.   Press the fruit light
 ly with the back of a large spoon   to release all the juice. Transfer the pine
 apple to a   small bowl, and reserve 1/2 cup of the juice. Place   the cottage 
 cheese in a strainer set over a bowl.   cover it with a piece of plastic wrap, 
 and press down   firmly on the cheese to force excess liquid from the   curds. 
 Place the cottage cheese and cream cheese in a   blender or a food processor. P
 rocess for at least 3   minutes, or until absolutely smooth, with no trace of  
  graininess, stopping once to scrape down the sides   with a rubber spatula. Ad
 d the sugar, vanilla,   pineapple extract and drained yogurt. Pulse until well 
   blended. Scrape down the sides with a rubber spatula,   and pulse several tim
 es. Add 1 1/2 cups of the drained   crushed!
  pineapple and pulse just to blend.   In a small saucepan, combine the reserved
  1/2 cup   pineapple juice and the lemon juice. Sprinkle on the   gelatin and a
 llow to sit about 3 minutes to soften.   Then stir the mixture over low heat ju
 st until the   gelatin is dissolved; do not boil. With the blender or   food pr
 ocessor running, add the gelatin mixture and   pulse to blend. Pour the filling
  into the crust and   refrigerate at least 3 hours or overnight before   servin
 g. Once the top is firm, cover it with plastic   wrap.                         
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