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                     Pressure Cooked Ricotta Cheesecake
 Recipe By     : Cooking Under Pressure, copyright 1989
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Desserts
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         burrer to grease 7 springform pan
      1/3  cup           granola
    1      15 oz crtn    whole milk ricotta cheese
                         skim milk ricotta cheese
    1      3 oz pkg      cream cheese
    1      cup           sugar
    4      large         eggs -- lightly beaten
      1/4  cup           sour cream
                         plain yogurt
    2      tablespoons   all-purpose flour
    1      tablespoon    grated lemon rind
      1/2  cup           golden raisins
                         ***garnish choices***
                         sliced fresh fruit
                         shaved chocolate
                         anise seed
 serves 6 to 8
 This cheesecake may seem small, but it is quite rich and can easily serve 8.
 Most of the raisins siink to the bottom, but no one seems to mind.
 Author’s note: Use a 7 springform pan, or an 8 one that fits comfortable into
  your pressure cooker with about an inch to spare between the pan and the sides
  of the cooker.  Have the ingredients at room temperature before you begin.
 Cut a piece of aluminum foil 2 feet long by 1 foot wide and double it twice len
 gthwise to create a strip for lifting the hot pan from the cooker.  Set aside.
 Cover the exterior bottom and sides of a 7 springform pan with 1 large sheet o
 f aluminum foil so that no water can seep in.  Liberally butter the pan and dis
 tribute the granola, tilting and shaking the pan to coat the bottom and sides. 
  Set aside.
 In a food processor, blend the ricotta, crfeam cheese, and sugar until smooth, 
 about 15 seconds.  Add the eggs, sour cream, flour, and lemon zest, and process
  for 5 seconds.  Scrape down the bowl and process for another 5 seconds.  Stir 
 in the raisins.  Pour into athe prepared pan.  cover with buttered aluminum foi
 l so that the foil fits tightly around the sides, but allows some room on top f
 or the cheesecake to expand.
 Set a trivet or rack on the bottom of the cooker.  Pour in 2 1/2 cups of water.
   Center the pan on the foil strip and gently lower it into the cooker.  Loosel
 y fold the ends of the foil strip over the top of the dish.
 Lock the lid in place and over high heat bring to high pressure.  Adjust the he
 at to maintain high pressure, and cook for 20 minutes.  Turn off the heat and l
 et the pressure drop naturally, about 10 to 15 minutes.  Remove the lid, tiltin
 g it away from you to allow any excess steam to escape.
 Let the cheesecake cool for a few minutes before removing it from the cooker wi
 th the aid of the foil stirp.  Set on a cooling rack, remove the foil, and let 
 cool to room temperature.  If not serving the same day, refrigerate or freeze u
 ntil needed.
 Before serving, release and remove the sides of the springform pan.  Serve from
  the base of the springform pan, garnish as deisred.
 Sore in the refrigerator for up to 3 days and in the freezer for 3 months.  It 
 does beautifully either way.  Add toppings just before serving.
 Author’s Note:  When you remove the aluminum foil cover after steaming, there m
 ay be a small puddle of water on the top of the cheesecake.  Just sop it up gen
 tly with a paper towel.  If the cake is not quite set in the center, it will fi
 rm up upon cooling.
 Serving Suggestions:  Serve this light and delicious cake at room temperature, 
 a few hours after you make it.  It firms up and becomes somewhat denser with ov
 ernight chilling -- an appealing alternative.  To appreciate the subtle lemony 
 flavor, serve plain.  For a more colorful version, garnish the top with raspber
 ries or sliced fresh fruit, or a sprinkling of shaved chocolate or anise seeds.
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