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                 Bittersweet Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake
 Recipe by:  Baker’s (tm) Chocolate
 Serving Size:  One 9 inch Cheesecake  Prep time: ?
 Categories:  Cake or Dessert
 Amount  Measure         Ingredients-Preparation Method
 ------  --------        -------------------------------
 1 1/3   Cups            chocolate wafer (cracker) crumbs
   1/3   Cup             butter, melted
 Two 8   Ounce           cream cheese (Packages), softened
 1       Cup             sugar
 3                       eggs
   1/4   Cup             Cold coffee or coffee liqueur*
 8       Squares         bittersweet chocolate, melted
   1/2   Cup             sour cream
 4       Squares         bittersweet chocolate
   1/2   Cup             whipping (heavy) cream
 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
 Crust:  Combine the crumbs and butter and press the mixture onto the bottom
 of a 9 ingh springform pan;refrigerate the crust while the filling is being
 Filling:  Beat the cream cheese with the sugar until blended and smooth.
 Beat in the eggs, one at a time; beat in the coffee (or liqueur), then the
 melted chocolate; blend in the sour cream.  Pour the filling over the
 prepared crust, smoothing the top.  Bake the cheesecake for 40 to 50 minutes
 or just until the center is barely set; cool it on a wire rack, then in the
 refrigerator overnight.  Run a sharp knife around the cheesecake to loosen
 it from the rim; remove the rim.
 Glaze:  Save a few cursl from the back of one of the squares of chocolate;
 reserve them for the garnish.  Bring the whipping cream to a simmer over low
 heat; add the remaining chocolate and stir the mixture until smooth.  Spoon
 the glaze over the prepared cheesecake and garnish it with the reserved curls.
 * I prepared this recipe using the liqueur and I received a standing ovation
 from the tasters!
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