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  Categories: Cakes
       Yield: 1 Servings
       1    10 graham cracker crust in
            -springform pan
       2 c  Peanut butter
       1 lb Cream cheese, softened
       2 tb Butter, melted
     1/2 c  Heavy cream, whipped
       2 c  Sugar
       1 tb Vanilla
       1 c  Chocolate chips, melted
       1 c  Heavy cream, whipped
    Beat cream cheese until smooth with paddle. Add peanut butter and sugar
   and blend well. Add vanilla and butter an continue to blend well. Fold in
   1/2 cup whipped cream. Place mixture into graham cracker crust. Refrigerate
   overnight. After refrigeration, pour chocolate chips evenly over top and
   let cool for 2 hours. Garnish with remaining whipped cream.
    Source:  The Summerhouse in Sarasota’s Chef du Jour.
    Posted on GEnie’s Food & Wine RT by M.CARMAIN1 [Melinda] on 2/7/94
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