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       Title: Advent Cookies
  Categories: Gifts, Cookies
       Yield: 1 batch
       1    -teacup molasses or black
       7 oz Light brown sugar
       9 tb Cocoa powder
      10 oz Butter or margarine;
         pn Cinnamon
       1 ts Vanilla
       1 lb Plain flour (approximately)
   Preheat the oven to 400F.  Mix all of the ingredients together,
   except for the flour.  Add the flour slowly to the rest of the
   mixture until it reaches the right consistency to roll out.  The
   dough should be quite soft. (You may find it easier to knead it with
   your hands.) Roll out on a floured surface to a thickness of about
   1/4 inch and cut into decorative shapes with small cookie cutters, a
   sharp knife or the rim of a glass. Place on a greased baking sheet
   and bake in the oven for about 8 minutes. Remove from the oven while
   they are still soft and cool on a rack, then pack into crocks or jars.
   The authors note that the Pennsylvania Dutch settlers made these at
   Thanksgiving and stored them in a stoneware crock until Christmas. The
   cookies can be made at any time, but allowed to age for 4-6 weeks.
   They can be used as a substitute for graham crackers for a pie crust.
   from Edible Gifts by Claire Clifton and Martina Nicolls typed by
   Tiffany Hall-Graham From: Tiffany Hall-Graham Date: 05 Mar 95