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       Title: Kolatki (Ukrainian Christmas Cookies
  Categories: Cookies
       Yield: 1 servings
     1/2 lb Cream cheese; room temp
     1/2 lb Butter; room temp
       3 c  Pastry flour; sifted, or
            All-purpose flour
     1/2 c  Whole milk
            === poppyseed filling ===
     1/2 lb Broken walnuts
     3/4 lb Poppy seeds
       1    Egg
       1 c  Dark rum
       1 c  Honey
       1 c  Packed brown sugar
            === coating ===
     1/2 c  Sugar
       2 tb Cinnamon
   Recipe by: Michael Slavitch
       1.      Mix poppy seeds, walnuts, egg and honey.  Add rum until the
   consistency seems soft, like porridge. Drink remaining rum, you deserve it,
   since you'll be baking for a while.
        2.      Using an egg beater at low, whip soft cream cheese and butter
   until it forms peaks, like a frosting (you may need to melt the butter if
   the cream cheese is firm). Mix in flour slowly using a wooden spoon or
   pastry fork.
        3.      Roll dough into 3 balls. Occasionally add milk to dough to
   keep it from drying out. The dough can be refrigerated for 1-2 hours, but
   it is not necessary.
       4.      Roll out 1 ball at a time and flour lightly. Roll dough out in
   flour or granulated sugar so it doesn't stick.
       5.      Mom’s method: Cut dough into squares or circles using cookie or
   biscuit cutter.  Add about a teaspoon of filling. Roll squares into “logs”,
   “stars”, or “pinwheels”. Fold circles over and seal with a fork. This takes
   dexterity and patience, sooooo I invented.
        6.      Mike’s Shortcut: Take rolled dough and make into strips about
   a foot long and 2 wide. Place a ribbon of filling in the middle. Fold over
   dough and pinch to seal at all sides. Cut into 1 squares.
       7.      Dip into coating and place on a cookie sheet. Bake at 375F for
   10-15 minutes or until lightly browned.
      There is enough sugar and fat to keep the bottoms from sticking to a
   clean pan.
          Hide in the bedroom and eat these with milk until sick.(Especially
   if you are six years old.)      Note: The kolatki are delicate, and fancy
   shapes require speed and skill. They taste as good using my method. My
   mother thinks I am impatient. Once you have eaten these cookies, you will
   understand  why.