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       Title: Pumpkin Nut Cookies
  Categories: Cookies
       Yield: 24 servings
     1/2 c  Butter; softened
       3 oz Cream cheese; softened
       1 c  Flour
     1/2 c  Brown sugar; packed
     1/4 c  Canned pumpkin
       1    Egg yolk
       1 tb Half & half
       4 ts Butter; melted
       1 tb Rum
            Or 1/4 tsp rum flavoring
       1 ts Vanilla
     1/8 ts Ground cinnamon
     1/8 ts Ground nutmeg
     1/2 c  Pecans; coarse chop
     1/4 c  Brown sugar; packed
       1 tb Butter; melted
       In a medium bowl, beat 1/2 cup butter and the cream cheese with an
   electric mixter till well blended. Stir in flour. Divide dough into 24
   balls, 1 in diameter. Press the dough evenly into bottom and up sides of
   24, 1-3/4 muffin pans. Bake 325~ for 10 minutes. Combine brown sugar
   pumpkin, egg yolk, cream or milk, melted butter, rum, vanilla, cinnamon and
   nutmeg. Spoon into warmed prebaked cups. Stir together nuts, remaining
   brown sugar and melted butter; sprikle over pumpkin mixture. Bake 325~ for
   25 minutes. Cool in pans for 10 minutes. Loosen and remove cups from pans.
   Serve warm or cool.
      Patti - VDRJ67A.