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       Title: Star Cooky Tree
  Categories: Cookies
       Yield: 1 servings
            Cooky dough
            Decorating frosting
            Colored candies
            Styrofoam base 4 1/2
            Center support, see notes*
      *1-1/2 inch in diameter and 11 inches long *Candle, dowel or wooden
   stick may be used.
       1. Make 2 recipes of Swedish Ginger cooky dough.Refrigerate 2.Make star
   pattern. The bottom star (largest) measures 9 across at the points. Each
   (big) cooky graduates in size, 3/8 smaller than the last...for 10
   cookies.These last are MY observations, and it shows that if you make your
   FIRST star, then gradually keep cutting the pattern down 3/8“, this is how
   it’s done.
       3. Place pattern on dough which has been rolled 1/4 thick.
       4 Cut around pattern with knife. Make 10 stars of graduated sizes.
       5. Cut 3/4 hole in center of each star.
       6 Make six 2-1/2”, six 2 and six 1 round cookies. (These go in
   between the large stars on the pole.) Cut a 3/4 hole in center of each.
       7. Make another cooky star (smaller) for the top of the tree.
       8. Bake as directed in recipe. Cool
       9. Frost edges of stars with Decorating Frosting. Trim with colored
   candies. Allow frosting to dry.
     10. Place center support in styrofoam base that is about 4-1/2 in
     11. Assemble..Largest star..2 largest round cookies...next large star...2
   round cookies, etc. Helen Jolly