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       Title: Witch Hat Surprise
  Categories: Cookies
       Yield: 12 servings
       1 cn Chocolate fudge frosting
      12    Cookies; chocolate (2 dia)
       1 sm Candies such as m&ms
            Reese’s pieces; candy corn
      12    Sugar cones w/pointed ends
            Fruit leather (opt)
       Spread frosting thickly on top of each cookies.  In center of cookie,
   drop some candies on the frosting and invert the ice-cream cone on top of
   the candies. Spread frosting on the outer surface of each cone.
     Decorate by using a strip of fruit leather as a hatband at the base of
   the cone, if desired.  Let frosting dry and set for about 15 minutes. To
   eat, hold by tip of cone.