Chestnut Cookies
 5 egg whites, whipped or beaten
 1/4 cup of Lundberg brown rice syrup (<1gm fat/tbs)
 1 1/3 cups of flour (I used unbleached white)
 1 1/3 cups of roasted chestnuts, finely ground
 Whip egg whites, whip in the brown rice syrup (add more if you like very
 sweet, but note that most chestnuts are naturally sweet on their own).
 When you add the brown rice syrup to the whipped whites, they will go a
 bit flat.  Not to worry, the recipe works anyway.
 Mix the flour with the chestnuts, until well blended.  Add the flour mix
 to the egg white mix.  Drop on parchment paper-lined cookie sheet (or on
 a cookie sheet), which has been lightly swiped with oil.  Bake 400F for
 about 10 minutes.  Makes about 18-20 large cookies.
 Comments: Cookies are chewey in texture, kind of old fashioned, and not
 too sweet (unless you up the brown rice syrup).  These cookies kind of
 grow on you.  Because of the variations in the chestnuts (some are very
 sweet, others a bit peppery in flavor), the cookies will vary from bite
 to bite!