Graham Cracker Cookies
 2 egg whites
 4 tbs brown rice syrup
 5 graham crackers (crushed fine)
 Beat the egg whites to a froth (ie. not stiff,just foamy) add the syrup
 and continue to beat until well mixed.  Stir in the crushed grahams.
 Drop onto a non-stick baking surface, making about 16-20 mounds.  If you
 make 20 cookies, they will be 1/4 gram fat each (5 grams per graham used,
 so its 5/20 or 1/4).  Each graham cracker is 60 calories, so 300/20 is
 15 calories per cookie not counting the rice syrup or the whites.  Bake
 at 400F for 10-12 minutes.  These cookies come out crisp!  And chewey!