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      Title: Overnight Cookies
 Categories: Cookies Desserts Londontowne   
   Servings:  1
       2 c  Sugar                           1 1/2 c  Melted butter 
   4 1/2 c  Flour                               2 t  Baking powder 
       3 ea Eggs                                1 x  Vanilla (optional) 
   Combine sugar with melted butter. Sift flour and baking powder. Add eggs
   alternately with flour to creamed mixture of butter and sugar. Add vanilla
   if desired.
   Divide dough into 4 parts. Add one of the following to each part:
   1/2 c coconut                                 1/4 c peanut butter or nuts
   1/2 c dates                                    1  t ea. cinnamon and nutmeg
   Roll dough separately in wax paper or put in molds. Chill in refrigerator.
   Slice and bake 7-10 minutes at 400 degrees.
   Mrs. James W. Wilson