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       Title: Fresh Apple Cookies
  Categories: Cookies, Kids, Fruits
       Yield: 36 Servings
       2 c  All-purpose flour
       1 ts Baking soda
     1/2 c  Butter; softened
   1 1/3 c  Brown sugar; packed
     1/2 ts Salt
       1 ts Ground cinnamon
       1 ts Ground cloves
     1/2 ts Nutmeg; fresh if possible
       1    Egg; beaten
     1/4 c  Apple juice or milk
       1 c  Chopped apple
       1 c  Chopped nuts
       1 c  Chopped raisins
       1 c  Confectioner’s sugar
       1 tb Butter; softened
     1/4 ts Vanilla
     1/4 ts Salt
   1 1/2 tb Milk or light cream
   Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
   Sift the flour and baking soda together in a medium mixing bowl. In a large
   bowl; cream butter, brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and the
   egg. Add half the flour to the butter mixture and blend well. Mix half the
   juice or milk. Add the apples, nuts, and raisins to the remaining flour.
   Add the apple mixture to the butter mixture. Stir in the remaining juice or
   milk. Drop the dough by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets. Bake for 8
   to 9 minutes, or until cookies are firm. While cookies are warm , spread
   with vanilla glaze.
   Glaze: Blend all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and mix until
   SOURCE: America’s Best National Community Cookbook