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                              Maple Apple Pie
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Quick And Easy Meals
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
      1/2  teaspoon      Baking powder
      2/3  cup           Crisco shortening -- ---------apple f----
      3/4  cup           Maple syrup -- ----------nut m-----
    2      tablespoons   Maple syrup
    2      cups          Unbleached flour
    1      teaspoon      Salt
    1      tablespoon    Maple syrup
    7      cups          Apples -- peeled and sliced
    2      tablespoons   Cornstarch
      1/2  cup           Chopped pecans
    1      teaspoon      Butter
    7      T             cold water Preheat oven -- (7 to 8)
 flour,baking powder and salt in large mixing bowl.Cut in Crisco shortening with
pastry blender or 2 knives until mixture is uniform.Sprinkle water in,1 tbsp. at
a time,until dough forms a ball.Divide dough into 2 equal parts. On lightly
floured surface,roll bottom crust into circle 1/8 thick and 1/2 larger than and
inverted 9 pie plate.Gently,ease crust into greased plate,being careful not to
stretch dough.Trim edge even with plate.
 For filling,microwave apple slices on high for 2 minutes.Stir; repeat procedure
twice or until apples begin to soften.Set aside. In separate microwaving
bowl,combine maple syrup and cornstarch. Microwave 2 minutes;stir.Repeat
procedure until mixture starts to thicken.Add the thickened mixture to
apples.Toss lightly until apples are well coated;set aside to cool.Spoon cooled
Apple filling into unbaked pastry shell. For nut filling,combine pecans,syrup and
butter in microwaving bowl.Microwave on high 1 minute,stir and continue to
microwave an additional minute on medium setting.Stir to break up mixture. Spread
nut mixture on top of apple filling. On lightly floured surface,roll out top
crust the same as bottom.Carefully,lift top crust onto filled pie;trim 1/2
beyond edge of pie plate.Fold top edge under crust.Crimp edges or flute as
desired.Slit top crust with knife to allow steam to escape.Bake @ 375 degrees for
60 minutes or until apples start to bubble.Brush top of pie with !
 maple syrup;continue to bake and additional 5 minutes.
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