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       Title: Blue Ribbon Apple Pie
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       Yield: 4 servings
   :          Crust:
         3 c  all-purpose flour
         1 TB grated lemon zest
         1 c  salted butter, -- chilled
   :          Ice water
   :          Filling:
         6 lg Macintosh apples, peeled, --
   :          thinly sliced
         1 c  white sugar
         1 ts ground cinnamon
       1/2 ts nutmeg
       1/4 c  cornstarch
       1/4 c  salted butter, chilled, --
   :          cut into small pieces
   :          Egg wash:
         1 lg egg, beaten
         1 TB white sugar
   Crust: mix flour and zest together in a medium bowl.
   Using pastry cutter, cut butter into flour until dough
   resembles coarse meal. Add ice water and mix until
   dough can be gathered into a ball. Divide dough in
   half. Flatten into disks and wrap and chill until
   firm. Filling: preheat oven to 400. Mix together
   sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cornstarch in a large
   bowl. Add apples to sugar mixture and toss until
   apples are coated. On a floured surface, roll out 1
   dough disk into a circle about 12 inches in diameter.
   Fold dough in half, and then into quarters. Place
   point of folded crust in center of 9 inch pie plate
   and carefully unfold. Trim excess dough and leave
   about 1 inch overhang. Pour in apple filling and
   sprinkle with butter pieces. Roll out second dough
   disk into circle about 10 inches in diameter. Again
   fold in half, then in quarters and place on top of
   apple filling. Fold extra crust of top layer over
   bottom layer and crimp edges together. Cut slits in
   pie top to let steam escape and brush with egg wash.
   Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon sugar. Bake 20 minutes at
   400. Reduce heat to 350 and bake another 30 minutes or
   until crust is golden brown. Cool on rack to room
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