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       Title: No-Cook Chocolate Cheese Pie
  Categories: Pies, Chocolate
       Yield: 1 servings
       6 oz Semisweet chocolate bits
      15 oz Ricotta cheese
     1/2 c  Light brown sugar
     1/8 ts Salt
       1 ts Vanilla
       3    Egg yolks
     1/2 c  Heavy cream; whipped
       3    Egg whites; beaten stiff
            With 1/4 cup light brown sug
            Pie shell/9 inch; baked
      Melt chocolate over hot water.  Cool. Blend ricotta with
   sugar, salt & vanilla.  Beat in egg yolks, beating after
   each addition.  beat in chocolate and blend well.  Combine
   whipped cream with beaten egg whites, folding gently. Fold
   into chocolate mixture.  Pour into baked pie shell,
   reserving 1/4 of mixture for decorating. Refrigerate until
   filling is set. Spoon reserved mixture in mounds over top
   of pie.  Chill several hours or overnight.
      NAFY67C@prodigy.com (DEBORAH EPSTEIN)