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       Title: Today’s French Silk Pie
  Categories: Pies, Chocolate
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 c  Whipping cream
       6 oz Semi-sweet chocolate pieces
     1/3 c  Butter
     1/3 c  Sugar
       2    Egg yolks; beaten
       3 tb Creme de cacao
            Or whipping cream
       1    Baked 8-9inch pastry shell
            Whipped cream
            Or pressurized whipped
            Dessert topping (optional)
            Chocolate curls
            Or miniature chocolate pcs
     TODAY'S FRENCH SILK PIE - Through the years, one major
   change has been made to this famous recipe: the pie now has
   a COOKED filling to guard against possible food poisoning
   associated with raw eggs. Yet, the silky richness of the
   original recipe still remains.
       In a heavy 2-quart saucepan, combine the 1 cup whipping
   cream, chocolate pieces, butter and sugar. Cook over low
   heat, stirring constantly, till chocolate is melted. This
   should take about 10 minutes. Remove pan from heat.
      Gradually stir about half of the hot mixture into the
   beaten egg yolks. Return egg mixture to saucepan. Cook over
   medium-low heat, stirring constantly, till mixture is
   slightly thickened and NEARLY bubbly. This should take 3 to
   5 minutes. Remove saucepan from heat. (Mixture may appear
   to separate.)    Stir in creme de cacao or whipping cream.
   Place saucepan in a bowl of ice water; stir occasionally
   till mixture stiffens and becomes hard to stir (20
   minutes). Transfer chocolate mixture to a medium mixing
      Beat the cooled chocolate mixture with an electric mixer
   on Medium to High speed for 2 to 3 minutes, or until light
   and fluffy. Spread filling in a baked pastry shell. Cover
   and chill pie about 5 hours or until set, or for up to 24
      At serving time, top each serving with whipped cream and
   sprinkle with chocolate curls or miniature chocolate
   pieces, if desired.