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       Title: Nutty Choco-Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie *
  Categories: Pies
       Yield: 8 servings
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       4    Chocolate toffee bars 1.4oz
   coarsely chopped
      1 1/2  pints         Vanilla ice cream -- soften
        1                    9 chocolate cookie crust
        1/2  cup           Solid pack pumpkin
        2      tablespoons   Sugar
        1/2  teaspoon      Ground cinnamon
       1/4    teaspoon      Ground nutmeg
   Combine half the candy bar pieces and 1 pint softened ice cream in a small
   bowl. Spoon into crust, smoothing top. Freeze until hardened, about 3
   hours. Mix together remaining ice cream, pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon and
   nutmeg in a small bowl. Spread over top of frozen ice cream layer. Return
   to freezer for 1 hour. Press remaining candy pieces around outside rim of
   pie. Return to freezer for 2 hours more or overnight. To serve, let stand
   at room temperature to soften.
   SOURCE: Family Circle Magazine, 10/10/95.