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       Title: Incredibly Creamy Chocolate (Tofu) Pie
  Categories: Veg-cook, Sept.
       Yield: 8 servings
       1    10 oz. pk. Sunspire
            Chocolate Chips or Carob
       2    10 5 oz. pks. Mori-Nu Silken
            Tofu (Firm)
       3 T  Light honey
       1    9 Pride O'the Farm Graham
            Cracker or Cookie Pie Crust
   Heat Sunspire Chips in a double boiler or pan sitting in water until
   smooth.  Add honey.  In a blender or processor blend Mori-Nu Tofu until
   smooth.  Add the chocolate/honey mixture to tofu and whip until creamy.
   Pour filling into Pride O'the Farm Pie Crust.  Chill over night.  Slice and
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