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                         MUFFIES: THEY'RE THE TOPS
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    1       ea           Muffie tip and hints
   Who eats muffin bottoms? Just about everyone prefers
   the tops. Which is why I invented “muffies”. They're
   baked on a baking sheet instead of a muffin tin and
   have no bottom. The muffie has a lot going for it: Two
   cups of muffin batter, which customarily makes 4-6
   muffins, is enough for 16 muffins. And they take much
   less time to bake, usually less than 10 minutes. I
   prefer them just lightly browned so they stay a little
   moist and soft inside. Almost any thick muffin batter
   will work, but space the muffies at least two inches
   part because they spread a good deal, especially if
   the batter is not chilled. They way to get a puffier
   muffie is to refrigerate the batt until it is very
   chilled. Bake the batter right after it is mixed and
   all you'll get is a flat, soft cookie. Muffies should
   be enjoyed warm, right from the oven. To reheat, wrap
   them in foil and warm gently in a conventional oven.
   To store, arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet
   and freeze them. Once frozen, place them in an
   airtight plastic bag, then in another airtight plastic
   bag to stave off freezer odor. Defrost as needed. The
   following muffies will get you started. The first two
   are deliberately low in cholesterol. The
   Blueberry-Apple Muffie is not low, but not excessive,
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