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       Title: TEA SCONES
  Categories: Diabetic, Fruits, Quickbreads, Breads/bm
       Yield: 8 servings
 ------------------------------BASIC TEA SCONES------------------------------
       1 c  Flour;
       1 ts Baking powder;
     1/4 ts Salt
       1 tb Sugar Replacement;
     1/4 c  Margarine; cold
       1    Egg
     1/4 c  Evaporated milk;
            -freeze the rest
            Stir one of the following
            Into the flour mixture for
            Tea Scones listed below
 --------------------------------DRIED APPLE--------------------------------
       8    Chopped apple halves;
            Food Exchange 1 STRACH/BREAD
            1/4 FRUIT CAL: 44
 -------------------------------DRIED APRICOT-------------------------------
       8    Chopped apricot halves;
            Food Exchange 1 STARCH/BREAD
            1 1/4 FRUIT CAL: 44
     1/4 c  Cranberry; chopped
            Food Exchange 1 STARCH/BREAD
            CAL: 34
       8    Chopped dates;
            Food Exchange 1 STARCH/BREAD
            1/2 FRUIT CAL:54
       1 tb Lemon peel;
            Food Exchange:1 STARCH/BREAD
            CAL: 34
   1 1/2 tb Orange peel; grated
            Food Exchange 1 STARCH/BREAD
            CAL: 34
 -------------------------------DRIED PEACHES-------------------------------
       8    Chopped peaches halves;
            Food Exchange 1 FRUIT
            1/2 STARCH/BREAD CAl: 44
       4 tb Raisins;
            Food Exchange 1 STARCH/BREAD
            1/4 FRUIT   CAL: 44
   Sift flour, baking powder, salt and sugar replacement.  Cut in cold
   margarine as for pie crust.  Beat egg and evaporated milk together
   thoroughly; into flour mixture.  Knead gently on lightly floured
   board. Divide the dough in half; roll each half into a circles.  Cut
   the into quarters.  Place on lightly greased cookie sheet.  Brush
   tops with milk. Bake at 450f for 15 minutes or until done
   Food Exchange per serving of Basic Tea Scones: 1 STARCH/BREAD EXCHANGE
   CAL: 34
   Source: The Complete Diabetic Cookbook by Mary Jane Finsand
   Brought to you and yours via Nancy O'Brion and her Meal-Master