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       Title: DUCE DE LECHE
  Categories: L, O, W, F, A
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 cn Sweetened condensed milk
         sm Metal rack
         lg Pot
   Place can on rack in pot.  Fill with water to
   completely cover can by an inch or more.  Boil for 4
   hours.  Carefully remove can and set in refrigerator
   till cool.  Open one end of can and turn over onto
   plate, open other end and push caramel through can
   onto plate.
   4 hours turns the milk into a rich brown solid
   pudding. Less time will leave it more syrupy. Spread
   onto dessert bread or cookie or eat plain. Use on
   frozen desserts or as frosting.
   Share with many -- 1,100 calories per can!  Deadly
   good -- save for very special occasions.
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