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  Categories: Desserts, Fruits
       Yield: 20 servings
       1    Honeydew melon; halved
       1 lg Cantaloupe; halved
      10    Pink grapefruit; peeled and
            - sectioned
      10    Oranges; peeled and sectiond
       4    Oranges; juice of; to 6 orng
       1    Pineapple; peeled and cubed
            -or 1 lg can (20oz) pineappl
            -chunks in its own juice
       6 md Bananas; cut in 1/4-inch
            -slices; to 8 bananas
     1/2 lb Bing cherries; pitted or 1
            -jar (2oz)maraschino cherries
   Scoop out melon balls, or peel melons and cut into cubes.
   Combine all ingredients in a large plastic container; stir gently to coat
   bananas with fruit jucies and prevent darkening.  Cover tightly; chill
   Note: May be stored in refrigerator 1 week.
   SOURCE: Southern Living Magazine, August, 1979. Typed for you by Nancy