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       Title: Pumpkin Creme Brulee
  Categories: cool whip, desserts
       Yield: 1 recipe
   1 1/4 c  whipping cream
     1/2    vanilla bean, split
       5 lg egg yolks
       6 tb sugar
       1 ts grated nutmeg
     1/2 c  solid pack pumpkin
       2 tb orange liqueur
     1/4 c  packed brown sugar
     1/2 ts cinnamon
   Preheat oven to 350F.  Bring cream to boil in heavy saucepan. Remove from
   heat.  Add vanilla bean. Let stand 20 minutes; discard vanilla bean.
   Whisk together yolks, 6 tablespoons sugar and nutmeg. Add pumpkin and
   orange liqueur and mix until smooth. Whisk in cream mixture. Divide custard
   among 6 1/2 cup ramekins. Arrange ramekins in heavy large baking pan. Add
   enough hot water to pan to come up halfway up the sides of ramekins. Bake
   until sides are set but centers move slightly when shaken, about 20
   minutes.  Remove from water bath and cool. Refrigerate one hour.
   Preheat broiler.  Sift brown sugar and cinnamon into small bowl. Sprinkle
   over custards.  Broil 8 inches from heat source until sugar begins to melt,
   watching carefully, about 30 seconds. Serve immediately.