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       Title: Meersburger Kirschen-Dessert (Cherry Desert Meeresburg)
  Categories: German, Fruits, Desserts
       Yield: 4 servings
       1 lb Cherries; Tart, Fresh               8 oz Cream Cheese; *
       3 tb Kirsch                            1/2 ts Vaillla Extract
       6 tb Sugar                               2 oz Almonds; Ground **
       2 tb ;Water                              1 c  Cream; Heavy
      12 ea Ladyfingers                   
       1 x  Pistachio Nuts; Chopped        
   *    Soften Cream Cheese to room temperature.
   **   Grind Almonds in the blender, if ground almonds are not available.
   Wash and drain cherries.  Remove stones and reserve 8 whole cherries for
   garnish.  Place cherries in a bowl; add kirsch.  In a small pan boil 3 T
   sugar and the water for a minute to make a thin sugar syrup.  Add syrup
   to cherries; stir to blend.  Cover and let soak for 20 minutes.  Cut the
   ladyfingers in half, divide into 4 portions, and place in individual glass
   dishes.  Arrange cherries on top.  Thoroughly blend cream cheese, 3 T
   sugar, vanilla extract, and ground almonds.  Whip the cream and carefully
   fold it into the cream-cheese mixture.  Spoon over the cherries.  Garnish
   with the chopped pistachio nuts and whole cherries.