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       Title: Blueberry Buckle
  Categories: Inn recipes, Cheesecakes
       Yield: 1 servings
       4 tb Butter; softened
     3/4 c  Sugar
       1    Egg
       2 c  Flour
       2 ts Baking powder
     1/2 ts Salt
     1/2 c  Milk
       2 c  Blueberries
            Fresh or defrosted frozen
     1/2 c  Confectioner’s sugar
       2 ts Butter; softened
     1/2 ts Grated orange or lemon peel
   1 1/2 tb Milk
   Cream butter and sugar. Add egg and beat well. Sift
   together flour, baking powder, and salt. Add dry
   ingredients to creamed mixture alternating with milk. Beat
   until smooth. Fold in berries. Spread batter in greased
   9“x9 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 min. or until
   coffee cake tests done. Cool for 10 minutes. Remove to wire
   rack. Combine glaze ingredients - gradually adding milk
   until glaze is of spreading consistency; drizzle over the
   top of the warm coffee cake.JM.
   Baked goods can be frozen and stored for several months and
   taste as fresh as the day they were made--wrap them in
   freezer paper and then put them in heavy plastic freezer
   bags. Expel all the air from the bag before you seal it.
   It’s the air in the bag that gives food ”freezer" taste.
   Since we named our inn Blueberry Hill, we planted thirty
   blueberry bushes in our garden, feature blueberries in our
   decorating, and serve blueberry specialties on our
   breakfast menu. This coffee cake is one of our guests
   favorite. Blueberry Hill Bed & Breakfast