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                              Butter Toffee II
 Recipe By     : Mike <cyberh@HIC.NET>
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Desserts
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         Good Quality Chocolate Bars
                         enough to cover the toffee*
    1 1/2  C.            Almond slivers, blanched: toasted and fine
    8      C.            Sugar, granulated
    1      lb.           Butter, sweet (I sub good quality margarin
      1/4  t.            Salt
    2      C.            (to taste) Almond slivers, blanched, RAW**
    2      T.            Vanilla Extract, quality, to taste
 Line an appropriate number of Sheet Pans (sub Jelly Roll or Lipped Cookie
 Sheets) with Heavy Duty Foil...   BE SURE to leave “handles” of foil to use
 to lift the candy out of the pan...   Butter the Foil and reserve...
 Before you butter the foil in the Sheet Pans, unwrap enough chocolate bars
 to (almost) cover the surface...   Reserve...
 Choose a deep heavy pot (I use a non-stick heavy Dutch Oven)...   Add the
 Sugar, Butter, Salt, and Almonds to the cold pot...   Turn on heat to
 high...  Slowly stir to melt the butter and start the sugar caramelizing...
 When the sugar is almost completely melted, stop stirring and watch the
 ALMONDS carefully...    When they are just a shade or to lighter than the
 syrup, REMOVE from heat (don't just turn off the fire) and add the Vanilla,
 quickly stirring...
 Quickly pour into the Sheet Pans...   I use an Offset Spatula to spread it
 Top with the optional Chocolate Bars...   BE CAREFUL not to touch the candy
 and get burned...
 Let the Chocolate soften for about 5 minutes and then spread with the
 Spatula...   Immediately top with the finely chopped toasted Almonds,
 pressing them into the Chocolate with a clean offset spatula...
 Allow to cool completely...   If you move it to a rack, it will speed it
 up, but USE HOTPADS !!
 When cool, lift the entire bar out of the Pan with the Foil...   I break it
 into large pieces that will barely go into a 2-gallon Ziplok...   Then,
 break it into smaller chunks inside the Zipolk so all the “Crumbles” don't
 scatter all over the kitchen...
 *  My Favorite was the Hershey’s Special Dark, but I don't think it’s
 available any more...
 **  I toast the Almond Slivers in the Microwave...   Pulse them in the
 Processor, and then pass them thru a Coarse Sieve to remove the larger
 pieces...   Then a Fine Sieve to remove the “Dust” that I use for other
 candies...   Repeat until you have about 1 C. of the “Brickle” size bits...
 ***The more almonds you add, the more decadent the Toffee...   You can use
 anything from 1 to 4 cups...
 This looks a lot more complicated than it is...   The only time consuming
 part is toasting/chopping/sifting the Toasted Almonds for the Topping
 (which I do one day and make the Toffee the next)...   Once you start the
 cooking this goes FAST and you must watch it carefully to avoid burning...
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