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       Title: Bark Candy
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 lb Candy coating; any flavor
       2 tb Shortening
   1 1/2 c  =any of the following:
            Nuts or coconut
            Crushed candy or raisins
            Dried fruit or nut mixes
            Crispy cereal
   Place candy coating and shortening in a medium bowl and
   microwave at medium (50 percent power) for 3 to 5 minutes
   until coating is melted stiring once or twice while
   cooking.  Stir in other ingredients.  Coat well (stir).
   Pour out on wax paper on a cookie sheet and spread thin as
   possible.  Allow to cool then break into pieces.  Store in
   air tight containers.JM.