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       Title: Turtles
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 lb Or nestles caramels; melted
            = (not kraft)
       1 lb Fresh pecan halves
       1 lb Chocolate candy coating;
   Lay out sheet of silicon paper (candy will stick to waxed paper) Place 2
   pecan halves side by side - repeat these pairs all across and down the
   sheet. Spoon melted caramel on each pair. When this sets, drop the candy
   top-down into melted chocolate.  Lift candy out of chocolate and put
   bottom-down onto silcon paper. When set, put the turtle in candy cup. If
   there is chocolate coating left, throw in some nuts or cereal or chinese
   noodles.  Stir and spoon mixture into candy cups. Tips for using candy
   coating: 1) Melt in double boiler or in microwave (never more than 2
   minutes - check and stir every 15 seconds). 2) Avoid getting water or
   steam into candy coating or it will turn solid. 3) For a richer taste, use
   1 lb. candy coating and 1/4 lb real chocolate. I have taken many, many
   candy-making classes, but this is the easiest and most raved about candy I
   make.JM. From Louise Lovdahl <llovdahl@kusd.kusd.edu>