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  Categories: Candies, Fruits
       Yield: 2 Servings
            IRWIN SOLOMON   (JJGF65A)
 ------------------------------PHILLY INQUIRER------------------------------
       8 oz Dried apricots
            Confectioners' sugar
            Pistachio nuts;shelled
   Wipe apricots with a damp cloth.Do not wash or soak because this would make
   them too moist.Mince or chop them very finely.(use food processor)Turn into
   bowl and add a few tabls. confectioners' sugar to taste.Knead thoroughly by
   wetting your hands from time to time to make a smooth;soft;slightly moist
   paste.Shape into marble size balls.Roll them in confectioners' sugar and
   let them dry overnight.Press half a green pistachio on top.Makes 2 to 4
   servings. Note: A stufffing can be substituted for the pistachio nut
   topping.Mix 1 tabls.ground almond or finely chopped pistachios with 1
   teaspoon granulated sugar.Make a small hole in center of each apricot drop.
   Put in a little nut filling,close hole again and roll in confectioners'