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  Categories: Candies, Gifts
       Yield: 1 Servings
       1 pk Ritz bits, peanut butter
       1 pk Eagle brand pretzels
            (the little “A” shaped ones)
            Chocolate almond bark
            White almond bark
            Candy colors, optional
     Fill a crock pot halfway with water, turn on high, and put lid on upside
   down. Cover a flat surface with waxpaper. Chop up some bark, and place the
   pieces in the upside down crockpot lid. Go have a brewski. After you finish
   you brewski (es), stagger back to the crock pot and, using a pair of tongs,
   dredge the Ritz Bits and/or pretzels. Make sure each one is thouroughly
   covered with candy stuff and place on wax paper to cool.
     My wife likes to use Wilson’s candy colors to color the white stuff when
   we are using that- if you don't stir it in too well, you get a nice
   attractive swirl look. This also works quite well with fruits and nuts and
   other things like that. (and it’s lots of fun, too.)