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  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 Servings
            Basic fondant; recipe follow
       1 lb Dipping or coating chocolate
            ; small pieces
   Recipe by: Los Angeles Times Place chocolate in top part of double boiler.
   In lower part, place enough warm water (100 to 120 degrees) to touch top
   pan. Keep water temperature constant. Melting chocolate takes time. Do not
   hurry. When chocolate is softened, remove top of double boiler from water
   and stir vigorously until smallest lumps are all worked out. This creaming
   develops chocolate texture; it must be repeated often throughout dipping.
   Exchange warm water for cooler water (85 degrees) in bottom of double
   boiler. Make sure chocolate does not come in contact with steam or water,
   even trace can spoil it. Pour 1 cup of chocolate onto marble slab or into
   small bowl. Work back and forth with fingers until chocolate feels cool, 83
   degrees is perfect. (Knowing when chocolate is cool comes with practice. To
   test, let it string from tip of hand into melted chocolate. If it holds
   ruffly appearance on surface for few seconds, it is ready for dipping.)
   Drop fondant or other center of choice into cooled chocolate, roll to coat,
   and lift out with dipping fork. Scrape off excess chocolate. Drop onto wax
   paper, right-side-up. As candy drops from dipping fork, twist thread of
   chocolate to make swirl across top of candy. Makes enough to cover about
       3/4    pound of fondant.
   Adapted from ZaSu Pitts'“Candy Hits” Copyright Los Angeles Times