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            BASIC FONDANT
     3/4 c  Boiling water
       2 c  Sugar
     1/8 ts Cream of tartar
            Basic Fondant
       1 lb Dipping/coating chocolate;
            -shave into small pieces
   BASIC FONDANT-Heat water to boiling in 2- to 3-quart saucepan and remove
   from heat. Add sugar and cream of tartar. Stir with wooden spoon until all
   sugar dissolves, 6 to 8 minutes, taking care not to splash mixture on sides
   of pan. Place syrup mixture over medium-high heat. Heat almost to boiling.
   Cover pan tightly with lid and remove from heat. Let stand 3 minutes.
   Uncover, return to heat and boil briskly. Do not move pan or stir during
   this time. While syrup cooks, wash any crystals that form on sides of pan
   by wrapping damp cloth around tines of fork and wiping crystals out with
   upward motion so that no crystals fall back into syrup. Continue cooking
   until syrup reaches soft-ball stage, exactly 238~ on candy thermometer,
   about 35 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand very few minutes, or just
   until bubbles disappear. At once, pour onto marble slab or large, shallow
   platter. Do not scrape pan. Let cool undisturbed until slab or bottom of
   platter feels comfortably cool to palm of hand (about 105 degrees), about
   50 minutes. Now start turning edges of candy in toward center, using
   spatula or wooden spoon. As candy turns creamy and crumbly, gather mixture
   up in your hands and knead as you would bread until you get a smooth, white
   ball of fondant. Wrap fondant in plastic and store in glass jar covered
   with tight lid. Let fondant mellow 24 hours to 3 days. Remove fondant ball
   from jar and form into small balls. Makes about 3/4 pound. CHOCOLATE-DIPPED
   FONDANT-Place chocolate in top part of double boiler. In lower part, place
   enough warm water (100 to 120~) to touch top pan. Keep water temperature
   constant. Melting chocolate takes time. Do not hurry. When chocolate is
   softened, remove top of double boiler from water and stir vigorously until
   smallest lumps are all worked out. This creaming develops chocolate
   texture; it must be repeated often throughout dipping. Exchange warm water
   for cooler water (85~) in bottom of double boiler. Make sure chocolate does
   not come in contact with steam or water, even trace can spoil it. Pour 1 c
   chocolate onto marble slab or into small bowl. Work back and forth with
   fingers until chocolate feels cool, 83~ is perfect. (Knowing when chocolate
   is cool comes with practice. To test, let it string from tip of hand into
   melted chocolate. If it holds ruffly appearance on surface for a few