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       Title: BUCKEYES
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 20 servings
     1/4 lb Margerine
       1 c  Peanutbutter
     3/4 lb Powdered sugar
       1 lb Dipping chocolate*
   Combine ingredients thoroughly. Roll into 1-inch balls and turn onto
   wax paper-covered cookie sheet. May need to let set awhile or chill.
   Melt dipping chocolate (*avail. Sugarcraft) in top of double boiler
   or in microwave on 50%.    Don't have chocolate hotter than 120
   degrees! Drop a ball of candy into chocolate, leave top uncoated.
   With a table fork dipped under the ball, lift it and let the excess
   chocolate run off of it. Place it on the wax paper covered cookie
   sheet, using a toothpick to hold the ball so fork can be removed.
   Store tightly covered in a cool dry place. Will keep 3-6 weeks.
   Source: Sugarcraft