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  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 c  Sugar
       1 c  Brown sugar
     1/2 c  Butter or butter substitute
       2 c  Chopped nuts
       1 c  Corn sirup
       3    Squares unsweetened
       1 c  Cream
     1/8 ts Salt
       1 tb Vanilla
   Cut chocolate in small pieces.  Add sugar, butter, salt, sirup, and
   cream. Cover and boil 5 minutes.  Uncover.  Boil slowly, stirring
   constantly, to firm ball stage (248 F).  Remove from fire. Add
   flavoring and stir until well blended.  Pour quickly over nuts which
   have been placed in well-buttered pan.  When cool cut in squares. The
   Household Searchlight