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       Title: Peanut butter tater candy
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 Servings
            -Helen Jolly mdfd30e-
       1 md White potato
       1 pk Confectioners' sugar
     1/4 c  Salted peanuts; chopped,
            - optional
     1/4 ts Vanilla extract
     1/2 c  Smooth peanut butter
      Boil potato (with skin on) until done.  Peel; remove any eyes or
      In a mixing bowl, mash the potato thoroughly with a fork or
   electric mixer at slow speed.  Add vanilla. Gradually add
   confectioners' sugar ((use a fork, as mixture begins to firm) until
   it forms a ball. Turn out on a confectioners' sugar covered surface
   (instead of flour). Roll the ball out flat and oblong until it is
   1/4-inch thick.
      Spread peanut butter evenly over the flat surface. Sprinkle the
   chopped peanuts evenly over peanut butter (if you opt to use them).
   Cut the flat surface in half the short way. Roll jelly-roll fashion,
   sealing the edges. (2 rolls.)   Place in refrigerator until chilled
   and firm. Slice into 1/3-inch pieces. Keep refrigerated until ready
   to serve.
      Source.  The Oklahoma Peanut Commission. Wis/Gramma.