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       Title: Stained Glass Candy
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 6 servings
   3 3/4 c  White sugar
   1 1/2 c  Lily white syrup (or Karo,
            -must be colorless)
       1 c  Water
            Food coloring
            Oil based flavorings such as
            - Wiltons
            Tin foil
            Icing sugar, approximately
            - 10 cups, can be reused
            - over and over
            Sharp pair of scisors
            Candy thermometer
            Lots of volunteers to help
   Mix the white sugar, white syrup, and water in a medium sized pot.
   Add the food coloring you want (green for spearmint, orange for
   orange) Bring to a boil, and boil until candy thermometer reaches 300
   F degrees. (Can take up to 20 minutes)   Stir to mix all the
   ingredients, but once it starts to boil, do not touch.  Pot must be
   big enough to allow for double, as it rises as it boils
   While the candy mixture is boiling, shape a large piece of tin foil by
   folding up the sides and ends.  (I use the large foil about 3 feet
   long) to create a large cookie sheet type shape.  Put the icing sugar
   on the foil to completely cover it, and bank up the sides with icing
   When the candy mixture has reached 300F, remove from heat.  Let sit
   about 10 seconds and stir to cool slightly (heavy emphasis on
   SLIGHTLY) Then add about 1 to 1-1/2 tsp of the oil based flavorings
   depending on how strong you want the flavor.  Stir until mixed (may
   boil a bit and DON'T stand over top of pot as flavor with escape in
   the air and up your nose!! 8-} ) Once flavoring is combined, pour
   mixture onto the icing sugar and use rubber spatula to scrape all
   mixture out of pot.  Put pot, spatula and candy thermometer into
   sinkful of hot soapy water.  If you allow it to harden you won't be
   saying nice things about me at all!! 8-} As candy is cooling, keep
   checking by trying to pull up the edges.  Once it gets to the
   consistency that you can lift it a little, start cutting it FAST! I
   cut off a chunk and then cut it up into bite-sized pieces. The
   outside will cool first so you have to watch it.  If it hardens to
   quickly you will end up with a good size lollipop that you won't be
   able to cut. It will shatter like glass. Continue working your way
   around until all is cut. Then I take all the candy and put it in a
   strainer that is sitting over a bowl. Shake some of the excess icing
   sugar off candy and allow to cool thoroughly. Pack in airtight
   containers. I find Zip-Loc Freezer bags pretty good. This recipe
   makes about 2 lbs candy. Once I have done all the flavors that I
   want, then I set up all the bags and put about 10 of each flavor into
   a smaller zip-loc and seal.  They make great Christmas gifts for
   family and all the various people you give to....mailman, garbage
   man, paperboy, school teachers, your kids friends..etc.  I figure if
   the kids have to help me cut, they get some to give to their
   friends..  Besides.. makes a good bribe to get them to help!!
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