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       Title: Sugar Eggs
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 servings
            Egg-shaped mold
         pk Granulated sugar
            Food coloring
   1. Mix a little water with the granulated sugar to make it wet enough
   to pack. Scoop the wet sugar into each half of plastic egg mold.
   2. Stiffly turn filled egg mold upside-down on several layers on paper
   towel and remove egg mold.
   3. Using a spoon, scoop out a half circle from one side of each sugar
   egg, making sure that when the two sides are put together, the
   scooped out sections will match. If you want your sugar egg to stand
   you will want to cut away the bottom end of the sugar egg. Let dry
   overnight or until surface of sugar eggs are hard.
   4. When outer side of sugar eggs are hard, turn and scoop out inside
   leaving the shell to measure about 1/4 in thickness.
   5. Seam together the two egg halves using cake icing. Decorate around
   seam and around hole opening to conceal rough edges. Finish
   decorating sugar eggs and fill with your favorite candies.
   * Color water with food coloring before mixing with sugar.
   * Use cake decorating confections for decorating.
   * Soak shredded coconut in green food coloring for grass.