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  Categories: Candies, Chocolate
       Yield: 36 servings
      12 oz White chocolate, coarse chop
     1/3 c  Whipping cream
       2 tb Orange liquer
       1 ts Grated orange zest
   1 1/4 c  Confectioner’s sugar
   1. Melt white chocolate with whipping cream in heavy, medium saucepan
   over low heat, stirring constantly. Whisk in liquer and zest until
   blended. Pour into pie pan. Refrigerate until mixture is fudgy, but
   soft, about 2 hours., 2. Shape about 1 tablespoon of the mixture into
   1 1/4 inch balls. To shape, roll mixture in your palms.,Place balls
   on waxed paper. 3.Sift sugar into shallow bowl. 4.Roll balls in
   sugar, place in petit four or candy cases. 5. Truffles can be
   refrigerated 2-3 days or frozen several weeks. Makes about 35
   truffles. From Best recipes: Simple, Easy Candy recipes.