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       Title: Chocolate Bananas
  Categories: Dessert, Campfire food
       Yield: 6 servings
       6   small sweet ripe bananas 
       1 ts lemon juice 
       4 oz chocolate rice or sweet chocolate chips
 	   or chocolate slices
   Peel bananas and squirt a little lemon juice on them to prevent turning
 brown. Slice the peeled bananas length-wise into half and stuff the
 chocolate filling into them, like you would do to a hot dog. Sprinkle some
 nuts if you like.
   Wrap the bananas individually in aluminium foil paper until they are all
 tightly wrapped up. 
   Bring to campfire, throw INTO the embers (the red hot burnt charcoals)
 for 5 minutes.
   Open up the foil, the chocolate would have melted, the banas soft &
 “baked” and the nuts add a crunchy texture.