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       Title: Truffles (Chocolate)
  Categories: Polkadot, Ferd, Desserts, Chocolate
       Yield: 1 Servings
      12 oz (3/4 lb) dark chocolate                  Though ideally you want
            (not bitter, but the darker              Fresh,
            The better)                              Unpasturized)
       1 c  Cream                             1/8 lb (1/2 stick) UNSALTED
            (I used heavy cream,                     (blue boxes) sweet butter
   For a small batch (increase by 4x if you want the original recipe)
   Day 1:  Melt the chocolate in a double-boiler, and boil the cream
   briefly.  When the cream has just boiled, quickly add it to the melted
   chocolate, and remove from heat.  Stir gently until somewhat cooled,
   then put in the refrigerator overnight.  (Mandatory: you can't shorten
   that step)
   Day 2: Melt the chocolate mixture in a double boiler, and add the
   softened butter.  Whip with a whisk until the mixture is cool, and then
   place in the refrigerator overnight.
   Day 3: Melt again.  If you're adding a flavoring, such as Amaretto,
   Grand Mariner, etc (traditional, but not essential), this is the time. I
   used 1/3 cup of amarettor, and a touch of vanilla for an accent.  Whip
   carefully until cool, and then place in the refrigerator until firm.
   The original recipe at this point says to use a pastry funnel and tip,
   but I let it get a touch harder, and then used a spoon and carefully
   shaped them with my hands.  Do this on a piece of waxed paper or foil
   with cocoa powder, and roll them gently in teh powder.  When all are
   formed, back to teh fridge. Allow to firm up, and serve after allowing
   them to approach room temperature.
   Since this recipe is a bit soft, you may wish to coat them with a harder
   dark chocolate outside, though this is left as an exercise for the
   The Chef’s Comments:
   “For the dedicated, or truly bored (i.e. you're snowed in for a week,
   or you have a chocolate tolerance where nothing but the high-end does
   it for you anymore), I present the Infamous Chocolate Truffle.” - Ferd
   From: Ferd
   Date: 11-09-96 (01:10)
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