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       Title: Fortune Telling Crystal Ball Gelatine Mold (KH)
  Categories: Desserts
       Yield: 1 mold
       4    Env. unflavored gelatine
       4 c  Colorless soda pop
            Round dome-like mold bowl
            Different color construction
            Plastic wrap
   Fllow directions on package of gelatine but substitute 4 cups clear
   soda pop for liquid. Pour into mold and refrigerate until it achieves
   the consistency of an egg white.
   Meanwhile make the fortunes by cutting 4 by 6 strips of different
   color paper 1/2 wide. Write differnet fortunes on each strip. Roll
   tightly in plastic wrap. Insert fortunes into mold, despersing
   fortunes throughout. Make sure to have enough for everyone. Let=7F
   guests spoon their fortune and serving into their own dish.