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  Categories: Cakes
       Yield: 6 servings
   2 1/2 c  Heavy cream, well chilled
     1/3 c  Strained confectioner’s
       3 tb Strained unsweetened cocoa
       1 ts Coffee zest (see note)
       2 tb Kahlua or Tia Maria
     1/2 ts Unsweetened cocoa, for
   Pour cream into a well-chilled mixing bowl.  Beat in an electric mixer
   fitted with chilled beaters or whip attachment.  Stir in the
   confectioner’s sugar and cocoa and beat on medium speed until the
   cream begins to thicken. Add the coffee zest and liqueur.  Continue
   whipping until cream reaches the soft peak stage, and remove from the
   mixer.  Finish beating by hand using a wire whisk, whipping until
   cream is quite thick but not grainy. Refrigerate.
   Note:  to make coffee zest, add 3 parts coffee crystals to 1 part
   boiling water.
   To assemble the cake, split each layer into halves.  Set the first
   layer on a serving plate, top side down.  Fit a 14-inch pastry bag
   with a large no. 5 plain tube, and fill it 1/3 rd full with mocha
   whipped cream.  Starting 1/2 inch from the edge, pipe a circle of
   cream around the top of the layer. Fill center of the circle with
   additional cream, smoothing surface with a large metal offset
   spatula.  Repeat with the second and third layers, placing them cut
   side up. Arrange the top layer cut side down, aligning layers so the
   sides of the cake are even.
   Empty the remaining whipped cream into the pastry bag.  Pipe 1/2 inch
   whipped cream dots on the top layer, beginning at the outer edge.
   Each dot should touch the preceding one, forming a ring.  Continue
   working toward the center of the cake until the entire surface is
   Place 1/2 tsp cocoa in a very fine mesh strainer.  Gently tap the
   strainer over the surface of the cake to give it a light dusting of
   cocoa.  Place the cake in the refrigerator uncovered to chill, but
   remove from refrigerator at least 1 hour before serving.
   Storage:  Store leftover cake in the refrigerator under a foil tent.
   This cake will keep for up to three days.