4c water
 1c syrup
 1c sugar
 This recipe makes around 6 quarts of Italian Ice using any home ice cream 
 To make this recipe, use any snow cone syrup that you can find in most 
 stores in the spring/summer.  The Root Beer and Cotton Candy syrups are our 
 personal favorites.  If you prefer, you can use mix the sugar with 1c of 
 warm or hot water before mixing everything, but it’s not necessary.  All 
 of the ingredients can be mixed at once.
 It’s best to cool this mixture off in the freezer before putting it in the 
 ice cream maker, but again, this is not absolutely necessary, it will just 
 make the process a little faster.
 Now just put it in your ice cream maker and follow the instructions you 
 would follow for any frozen treat.
 HERE'S another money saving trick you can use on this and ALL ice cream 
 machine desserts.  Don't pay $2.50 for a little 4 or 5 pound box of ice 
 cream salt.  Buy an entire 50 pound bag of water softener salt.  It’s only 
 $4 or $5 for the huge 50 pound bag and it works great.  Be sure to buy the 
 granulated salt, such as the 'solar salt' in the blue Morton.s bag.  This 
 way you get 50lbs for the price of 10!
 A twist on this recipe is to use 4c water, 2c sugar, and any flavor of 
 extract you would like, but you have to decide for yourself how much 
 extract to use for your tastes.  It will change for each extract.  Our 
 favorite extract flavor for this is chocolate.